The Most Effective Tool for Patient Engagement

Good Communication Is Both A Business Tool And A Clinical Tool

Engage With Patients In The Most Responsive Way

From the patients’ perspective, health care can be a complicated system with many layers of connection between a myriad of entities — providers, pharmacy, allied professionals, billing, marketing, insurance networks, and more. But, at its most essential distillation, the business of health care is centered around the relationship between the patient and caregiver. And, the most essential part of any relationship is communication.

Health care providers and payers need to communicate with their patients and members, and effective communication can make the difference between completed healthcare programs and programs that are ignored.

In this white paper, see how the proprietary Engagement and Communication Channel Preference Scores from CentraForce Health help health systems and health plans:

  • Improve patient outcomes through increased compliance
  • Increase participation in preventative health activities
  • Improve patient satisfaction scores and HCAHPS Star Ratings
  • Eliminate communication waste
  • Acquire new patients with better, more efficient marketing 

Steps to Successful Patient Engagement


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